Pension Justine Tikehau

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The pension of justine's family situated in Tikehau Atoll, offers to you the opportunity to discover Tuamotu with a totally Poynesian warm welcome. Justine and her husband Laroche have run this guest house for more than 15 years, you will be totally immersed in a Polynesian family.


Tikehau :
An oval shaped island lost in themiddle of the pacific.
A fauna and flora with incredible richess.
A haven of peace where you can enjoy amazing moments.


Bangalow, bedrooms or camping, you will enjoy the sleeping at the border of lagoon in the Justine's garden under the coconuts.


Living in Tikehau:
Foot on water, sit on bicycle saddle , a snorkel i the mouth 20 meters in deep , on a ship or in private with Laroche you will discover the Atoll's multifaceted.