Pension Justine Tikehau

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Tikehau is an atoll that is part of the archipelago of Tuamotus.
It's situated at the extreme northern-west to this one to 340 km of Tahiti and to 15km Rangiroa.
It's constituted of a series of motus forming an almost circular lagoon that have a diameter oscillating between 27 and 19km.
The total population is about 540 habitant, it's essentially in the motu Tuherahera that is the principal village of the atoll, the village of the pension Justine.
This atoll, which lost in the middle of the pacific, is rich of an amazing wild life. It's large motus, lined with e white and pink sand seashore, are shelters for many bird colonies.
It's water is especially it's lagoon which one pass permit the access, home an unusual aquatic life. Thus, the commander Cousteau defined Tikehau as the fishiest island of the world.


Tikehau is a village, a village on the water that you never lose but never wander the paths, the waves will lead thing is sure, you will always come across a warm smile, a moment out of times, beautiful to contemplate.